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University of Valley Forge

The University of Valley Forge was founded in 1939 and is part of an international network of Assemblies of God colleges and universities. A private university with undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning programs, our mission is to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world.

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Increased Engagement

Below Target CPA


Leverage paid marketing across to generate student applications below the client target.


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  • The Audit:

    • We ran an in-depth audit on UVF's existing paid media strategy to identify opportunity areas to increase their application pool. We also learned about the ideal audience and values that align with the University's ideals of servant leadership programs.

  • Creative:

    • We partnered with the UVF faculty to develop a creative strategy and messaging matrix. Through our audit, we learned that we want to pivot away from a static image strategy and develop highly engaging videos.

    • To do this, we developed storyboards with messaging to identify develop new top-performing creative

    • We A/B tested through the creative variations allowing us to identify which messaging works for each of the respective programs

  • Landing Page:

    • We ran a series of landing page tests ultimately learning that driving to the contact page we the top performer

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