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Procter & Gamble - Kindra

Kindra is a female-founded company on a mission to help women prepare for, manage, and embrace their body’s natural hormonal shifts as they enter menopause. They offer an array of estrogen-free, plant-powered products that help women relieve common peri/post-menopause symptoms.


improvement in CPA


Below overall CPA target


Kindra had previously partnered with influencers on content promoting products from the creators’ respective social media profiles. The team wanted to test whether they could efficiently scale the influencer content and meet a cost-per-acquisition goal with paid ads.

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We launched and scaled the influencer program by testing a number of creatives, audiences, and landing pages. This allowed us to identify a strategy that drove a 60% improvement in CPA over the course of two months at an overall CPA 16% below target.

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