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Youtube Shorts Just Got Better: 6 Creative Tools Transform Your Content!

An incluencer taking a video for her Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts has experienced a rapid surge in popularity, captivating a massive audience of over 2 billion logged-in users who engage with Shorts on a monthly basis.

To further encourage creativity and inspire new content, YouTube is proudly introducing six innovative capabilities for Shorts. These additions are meticulously designed to elevate the user experience.

Without further ado, let's dive into these exciting upgrades and explore what they have to offer creators!

New Remixing Approach With Collab

Starting off strong with a groundbreaking creative tool known as Collab, providing content creators with the ability to craft Shorts videos in conjunction with pre-existing YouTube or Shorts content.

Through various layout choices, creators can seamlessly merge their footage with a split-screen layout. By selecting "Remix" and then "Collab," creators can blend their content with eligible Shorts or YouTube videos. This feature complements existing options like Green Screen, which uses a video as the background, and Cut, enabling the integration of short segments from videos.

According to Youtube’s blog, the release of Collab has commenced for iOS users, with Android users set to receive the update in the near future. This innovation provides creators with an exciting new way to remix and enhance their Shorts content.

Tap Into Your Creativity With New Effects And Stickers

A person opening the Youtube app on his phone

Over the recent months, numerous fresh effects and stickers for Shorts have been introduced, aimed at sparking innovative ideas for creators.

The continuous expansion of these features is ongoing, including the upcoming release of a Q&A sticker. This sticker allows creators to engage their audience by posing questions and receiving direct responses within the comments section.

For example, if you're wondering about must-visit restaurants in New York, use the Q&A sticker to engage with your subscribers! Plus, the ability to respond to comments using Shorts enables easy acknowledgments and shout-outs to those who inspire your content. This update provides creators with enhanced tools to connect and interact creatively with their audience.

Go Live And Gain Exposure Through Shorts

Exciting news has emerged as a mobile-oriented vertical live experience is currently undergoing testing. This feature allows live content creators to gain exposure within the Shorts feed. Test participants will notice snippets of vertical live videos interspersed in the Shorts feed. Once engaged, users will find themselves in a scrollable stream of other live videos.

This development aims to enable creators to tap into a new pool of audience and foster their communities in an enjoyable and contemporary manner, irrespective of their global location. Initiating a live session is also simplified, requiring just a few taps and adherence to a vertical orientation. Additionally, popular features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships will remain accessible.

This initiative is particularly beneficial for creators who recently joined the YouTube Partner Program with its revised, more attainable eligibility criteria, allowing them to access fan funding features.

It's important to note that the existing process for creators to go live remains unchanged. However, a gradual rollout of this new, immersive full-screen experience for viewers will occur over the upcoming months. This signifies an extended opportunity for live creators to broaden their reach and be discovered across multiple platforms.

Refine Your Creative Journey With Recommendations

A young lady in blue taking a video for her Youtube Shorts

We all know that inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Have you ever felt inspired after watching a Short? Well, good news is that YouTube is simplifying the creation process for Shorts, allowing you to easily craft your own content whenever you're inspired by a Short in your feed. This new feature conveniently packages the audio and effect from the Short you're remixing.

While in the Shorts player, you can tap the Remix button and opt to "use sound." This action will automatically present the identical audio timestamp as the Short you recently viewed, along with the same effect, serving as a creative suggestion. Of course, you have the flexibility to mix and match these elements to personalize your creation as well. How convenient is that?!

Curate Shorts In Playlists For Future Inspiration

YouTube now offers the ability to directly save Shorts videos to playlists while browsing the Shorts feed.

This latest addition empowers creators to efficiently gather and arrange content that resonates with their interests.

For creators, there's an added benefit: if you come across an effect that piques your interest, you can preserve it by adding it to a playlist. This way, you can easily revisit and experiment with it later whenever you're feeling creatively inspired.

Simplified Video-to-Shorts Transformation

An influencer taking a video of a lip product for her Youtube Shorts

Over the next few weeks, YouTube will initiate testing of recomposition tools aimed at facilitating the transformation of horizontal videos into Shorts.

Once a user selects a video for remixing, they will have the capability to modify the layout, zoom, and cropping of the video segment. Not only that, the inclusion of split screen effects will also offer the opportunity to retain significant portions of longer content, resulting in the creation of more engaging and original Shorts.

Additional information will be shared in the upcoming weeks as these new tools are progressively rolled out.

There’s so much more to come with Shorts, so stay tuned as we introduce more features in the future! We can’t wait to see what you do with them.” - Youtube, 2023.


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