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How Shopify Audiences Can Help Your Facebook Ads Campaigns

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Shopify Audiences is leaving its mark.

And your company/brand should certainly consider using it to help your marketing efforts.

Shopify Audiences, as it details on its site, allows companies to “find high-intent buyers, help your paid ads perform better, and decrease conversion costs. Used a shared audience network to generate potential customers with just a few clicks and help convert more sales.”

That certainly is appealing and especially for Facebook and Instagram marketers within the United States and Canada. There are eventual plans for more ad platforms.

Let’s dive into why Shopify Audiences is a potential game changer for your brand’s marketing efforts and how to use it to its best capabilities.


Shopify Audiences, at its core, is helping e-commerce companies find new customers. It allows Shopify Plus merchants to discover high-intent audiences it can target via Facebook and Instagram. Marketers can tap into the data available to find a strong audience to target.

This is quite helpful since it can be tough to assemble custom audiences these days. Shopify Audience is helping find customers based on their purchasing history.

We need to note that Shopify Audiences is exclusive to Shopify Plus users.


Another selling point of Shopify Audiences is how easy it is to use.

All you need to do is open your Shopify dashboard and choose a product you are selling and then Shopify takes over. Shopify uses its machine learning to make a customer audience filled with high-intent buyers who are most likely to actually purchase your product.

That list can then be expired to Facebook Ad campaigns for use, providing a custom audience that can be targeted while providing new potential clients.

Lookalike audiences can also be created to help boost acquisition.


An added bonus is that Shopify Audiences can connect purchases via email addresses, meaning it can match the email addresses used at purchase with those that are already being used in the Shopify Audience ad campaigns. This helps provide more accurate information.

Shopify Audiences only provides data if it has strong reason to believe the two are a match, which avoids the possibility that similar emails can be linked to the wrong account.

It’s important to note that Shopify stresses that customer data is protected and does not provide access to personal information or statistics of buyers within Shopify Audiences. The audience lists are “encrypted and transmitted securely” when being exported and cannot be downloaded.

Companies can also manage their customers’ opt-out preferences.


Shopify provides blog posting for its users, which can be quite helpful for enticing visitors and potentially leading to conversions. These blog posts can help your brand provide information to your customers, and don’t be shy when considering using photos of Tweets.

Another handy feature is that Shopify Audiences is quite Search Enginge Optimization friendly, which is particularly helpful with getting those blogs out there. You still need to focus on all of the SEO friendly factors when creating your post but know that Shopify is there to help.

If you want some extra help, consider using Shopify’s SEO manager for $20 per month. There is also a free version, SEO Image Optimizer App.

The email tool is also quite helpful for sending newsletters, especially since you will be generating leads that can be used.


BUBS Naturals, a fitness and nutrition company, tripled its return on ad spend and doubled its conversions by “doubling down on direct-to-consumer.” Shopify also said it helped “reach more qualified buyers” and “simplifies the brand’s customer acquisition efforts.”

The article added that using Shopify Audiences allowed BUBA Naturals to tier discounts via custom segments and offer discounts based on tagged customer segments, among other features. The automation aided conversion rate, revenue, and repeat customer rate.


We hope these notes and tips have helped you learn more about why Shopify Audiences can help your Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts.

Be sure to keep checking Digicom for the latest strategies, tips, and articles to help with your company’s marketing and advertising needs.


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