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Celebrating Pride: Memorable Marketing Campaigns in 2023

A person holding the alphabets LGBTQ in support of pride month

Pride Month serves as a vibrant and empowering time for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies worldwide. It is a time when businesses and brands seize the opportunity to show their support and celebrate diversity through engaging marketing campaigns.

In 2023, the significance of these campaigns has only grown as brands confront the need for genuine inclusion and combat prejudice. From renowned tech giants to popular confectionery brands, companies have launched memorable Pride-themed initiatives that go beyond mere symbolism, aiming to create a lasting impact and foster a sense of belonging.

In this article, we will explore and highlight some of the most remarkable marketing campaigns of 2023, where brands have demonstrated their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community and made strides towards a more inclusive future.

From collaborations with LGBTQ+ organizations to unique product releases and inspiring messages, these campaigns have not only celebrated Pride but also driven positive change. Let's delve into the world of Pride marketing campaigns and discover the remarkable efforts of brands in 2023.

Apple’s Pride Edition Bands

Apple's pride month watch

Apple, the well-known tech company, has released two special Pride Edition watch bands and accompanying watch faces to celebrate Pride Month. The first band, a sports loop, was created in collaboration with members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community at Apple. It features a unique design with a double-layered, nylon-woven band and the word 'pride' written in cursive.

The second band is a Nike sports loop with a vibrant rainbow strap and a matching rainbow-colored Nike Bounce face. Additionally, Apple has introduced a new pride thread watch face that draws inspiration from various pride flags. This dynamic design showcases all the colors of the rainbow, which shift as the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch is manipulated.

SKITTLES – Artistic Partnerships and GLAAD Support

Skittles collaboration with GLAAD during pride month

SKITTLES, the popular confectionery brand, aims to go beyond just the taste of the rainbow and instead celebrate its significance for the LGBTQ+ community. This year, they have joined forces with GLAAD, the largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, to honor and amplify LGBTQ+ rights.

During May and June, SKITTLES will collaborate with LGBTQ+ artists to create and launch five exclusive SKITTLES packs that visually depict the essence of Pride. For each Pride pack sold, $1 will be donated to GLAAD, with a maximum donation of $100,000, to support their media-driven initiatives and work.

Revolut X Oogachaga’s Diversity Card

Revolut Diversity card

Revolut, a prominent fintech company, has partnered with Oogachaga, a local non-profit organization that provides emotional support and counseling to the LGBTQ+ community, to show their support for Pride Month. Together, they have introduced the Diversity Card, a special pride-themed card.

To participate in this initiative, Revolut customers can contribute a minimum of SG$10 to Oogachaga. In exchange, they will receive the limited-edition Diversity Card, adorned with the vibrant colors of the pride flag. Additionally, customers have the option to set up recurring donations, allowing them to continue supporting Oogachaga through their card usage.

Calvin Klein’s “Let It Out” Campaign

Calvin Klein has embraced Pride Month by launching a campaign video featuring LGBTQ+ actors Amandla Stenberg and Brandon Flynn, alongside their 2023 "This Is Love" apparel collection. Interestingly, the campaign video was shot entirely in black and white, deviating from the typically vibrant and colorful campaigns we've seen in the past.

The apparel collection, accompanied by the tagline "celebrate pride in fluid pieces to style with anything," offers a stylish interpretation of pride. It incorporates color blocks and bold colors in its gym wear, clothing, and accessories, presenting a sleek and versatile approach to celebrating pride.

Ikea X Oogachaga Frakta Bag Campaign

A banner that says 'Love is Love' with a colourful background.

As part of its ongoing commitment to inclusivity and creating a welcoming community, Ikea is supporting Pride Month by donating 100% of the profits from the sale of their 36L Frakta carrier bags to Oogachaga. Oogachaga is a non-profit organization that provides counseling services to the LGBTQ+ community.

In a statement on their website, Ikea emphasized their open-mindedness and acceptance of individuals regardless of their background, beliefs, appearance, or sexual orientation. They expressed their interest in people simply because they are human, and even joked about not caring how customers organize their kitchen cabinets.

Final Words

In 2023, Pride Month witnessed an array of impactful and memorable marketing campaigns that showcased the commitment of brands towards inclusivity, acceptance, and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

These campaigns not only celebrated Pride but also amplified the voices and stories of the LGBTQ+ community, spreading messages of love, acceptance, and equality. As Pride Month in 2023 inspired remarkable marketing initiatives, it is clear that brands are recognizing the importance of genuine support, not just during June but throughout the year.

As we move forward, let us celebrate these impactful campaigns and continue working towards a world where acceptance and celebration of diversity are the norm, not just during Pride Month, but every day.


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