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Are Meta's New AI Tools the Game-Changer Advertisers Need?

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On 4th October, Meta introduced a set of innovative advertising features driven by AI technology. These tools, such as Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations, have been designed to enhance creativity and efficiency for advertisers using Meta's platforms.

In a time when the advertising industry is grappling with increasing creative fatigue and the constant demand for new ad content, Meta's generative AI capabilities offer a solution by facilitating the rapid creation of fresh and diverse creative content on a large scale.

A Closer Look at Meta's AI-Powered Advertising Tools

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Here are the three AI advertising tools that Meta is introducing to advertisers:

Background Generation

The first of the three new features enables advertisers to personalize their creative materials by generating various backgrounds to transform the appearance of their product images. It's important to note that within the ad toolkit, these backgrounds are automatically generated based on the original product images provided by the advertiser.

These generated backgrounds typically consist of simple colors and patterns, as clarified by Meta. This feature is accessible to advertisers utilizing Meta's Advantage+ catalog for crafting their sales advertisements.

Image Expansion

Another feature, called "image expansion," simplifies the process for advertisers to adjust their creative assets to fit different aspect ratios required across various products, such as Feed or Reels. This feature is available to Advantage+ creatives within Meta's Ads Manager.

With the help of this AI-powered tool, advertisers can save time and effort by avoiding the need to manually reformat their creative materials, including images and videos, for various advertising platforms.

Text Variations

Meta's Ads Manager comes with a feature called "text variations." This AI tool can generate up to six different versions of your ad text based on the text you provide. You can use it to emphasize specific keywords or phrases that are important to you. You can edit the generated text or pick the ones that work best for your goals.

During your ad campaign, Meta can show different text combinations to different people to see which ones get better responses. However, Meta won't give you performance details for each specific text variation; instead, it provides overall performance data for the entire ad.

The more text options you try, the better chance you have to improve your ad's performance, according to Meta.

Early Feedback On The AI Tools

Starting in May, the company began testing these tools within a select group of advertisers, creating a designated "testing playground." These tools will eventually be integrated into Meta's Ads Manager, and their rollout is expected to be finalized over the course of the next year.

According to Search Engine Journal, in a survey conducted during these tests, participants reported that the AI features had the potential to save them five or more hours of creative work on a weekly basis. That’s one month per year!

Furthermore, nearly all of the testers expressed agreement that these tools could significantly enhance campaign performance by facilitating the rapid creation of a wider range of ad variations.

However, while the testers were optimistic about the time-saving benefits, they also pointed out the importance of customization to align with individual brand styles and voices. In response to this feedback, Meta acknowledged the need for further development efforts to train the AI to better cater to the unique needs and preferences of different brands.

The Road Ahead

A man experimenting with the new Meta's AI tools on his laptop in a cafe with a glass of orange juice next to him

Meta's generative AI investments are aimed at assisting marketers in achieving their goals. By enabling quicker ad creative launches and improved audience targeting, these investments are designed to enhance their work.

Today's launch of generative AI-powered ad features is just the beginning. Meta intends to offer advertisers additional tools for generating ad content, such as highlighting product features and creating themed background images, such as outdoor scenes for athleisure brands, all in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, Meta plans to introduce AI-driven business messaging capabilities on Messenger and WhatsApp, which will help businesses engage with customers for commerce, support, and instant responses. This feature is currently being tested with a small number of businesses in an Alpha phase and will be expanded next year.

With millions of businesses using Meta's advertising platform, they are committed to collaborating with advertisers to develop features and experiences that provide value to both businesses and users.


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