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The Pikkit App is the first ever sportsbook agnostic social layer for sports betting that allows you to automatically sync all of your favorite sportsbooks, shop lines, track performances, and explore bets across your community all on the Pikkit app. With Pikkit, you can see all of your sports betting accounts in one place to track your past performance and see upcoming bets. Compare your statistics from week to week and month to month at the click of a button.



Cost Per App Install

New App Install


Scale total App Install volume while maintaining performance integrity and efficiency


  • In one months time since launching with DigiCom, Pikkit has seen its total monthly volume of App Installs rise 282% from 528 installs/month to 2018 installs/month. This rise in App Installs was accomplished while maintaining efficient performance while scaling, proven by a 15% better Cost Per Install in one months time. 
    These efficiencies were maintained all while the DigiCom team continued to stream 20-30% of its efforts into testing of newly formed Audiences, New Content/Copy and New Creatives 

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