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Procter & Gamble - Kindra

Kindra is a female-founded company on a mission to help women prepare for, manage, and embrace their body’s natural hormonal shifts as they enter menopause. They offer an array of estrogen-free, plant-powered products that help women relieve common peri/post-menopause symptoms.


improvement in CPC


New User Growth


More Efficient quiz completion/leads


Build out their awareness and consideration funnels through network diversification. 




  • Pinterest is one of the best ways to diversify your digital marketing strategy, but knowing your audience is key to getting ahead with this visual platform. People use Pinterest primarily to shop and plan, making it the ideal environment for introducing new audiences to your brand and getting qualified users into your marketing funnel.

Landing Page Strategy:

  • We launched a Consideration campaign driving to various landing pages and ultimately identified organic content landing pages as the most effective way to get users to spend time on site, engage with the brand, and even make a purchase!


  • Through a combination of pain point testing and leveraging Pinterest trends analytics tool, we’re able to hone in on relevant topics that resonate with Kindra’s audience and better tailor creatives and messaging.

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