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BoldVoice is a mobile application that helps non-native English speakers improve their accent, pronunciation and overall fluency in English. The app offers videos from Hollywood accent coaches, practice materials, and immediate feedback to help you improve your speech in real time.



Increase in Trial Users

Imrpovement in Trial CVR


Increase the number of users that try the app by adding in their credit card details.

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  • BoldVoice came to us looking to increase the number of trial users of their platform.

  • We used Facebook App Install campaigns to find quality users who would install the app and also start a trial by entering their credit card details. We used our rapid split test formula to find our ideal customer, and then heavily leveraged user-generated content and creative storytelling to articulate our value proposition.

  • This helped increase the number of trial users by 35% in just 2 months.

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